Do you have AIDS?

Yes, do u have AIDS? Weird question to ask each one of you. But yes, do u have AIDS, are you HIV Positive? Our society, country and the world have been open to different subjects matter like what’s your sexual orientation? Are u gay/ lesbian/transgender and yes we all have accepted these matters and living with each other in a society.

Now the matter still exists, (AIDS) why we have individuals still living with AIDS. The epidemic in Nepal is driven by injecting Drug users, migrants, sex workers and their clients, and Men who have sex with men. You might ask an educated person what’s AIDS or do u have AIDS, different people have different views and response in different ways. As we all know AIDS hasn’t been eradicated even after so much works has been done for it. Organizations like WHO, UNAIDS, UNICEF, etc. frequently helping to fight against AIDS. So lets why not be open about it.

Lets ask everyone this one question, cause if we feel awkward, then how would a AIDS patient feel? Data shows Nepal has still 39281(according to ) number of HIV patients living among us and still unknown patients including all age groups. So lets be open and help eradicated this disease. Build an understanding with one who has HIV Positive and spread the knowledge, and hopefully lessen the number to 0.

So here is my question to you. Do you have AIDS or are you HIV positive?
Be safe, use protection and spread the word, not the HIV virus.
Lets talk about AIDS in our conversations with friends & family.

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Barun Lama

Barun Lama

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Barun lama, Founder Member for GOAL.

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