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“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

Another fruit full days of creating and learning new experiences and a new bond of fellowship. It is our utmost pleasure to be the part of KIC orientation secession like every year. This year was more a bit of new experience shared and a whole lot of new things were learned during the time which we spent.
All the freshmen were amazing and did a great work on team building activities and various activities which we all did together as a team. On behalf of our entire team (yellow, green, blue, sky blue, orange, Red) , we would like to appreciate your participation through out the time even in the cold weather of Nagarkot.
And also the KIC management team for giving us the opportunity to give our professional service to the new Freshman.

Regards GOAL Team

For team building activities for college and professional orgnaizations. Please mail us at : goal4change@gmail.com or call our program coordinator : Binayak Pandey : 9840503920

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Happy Time, Happy Children

Sharing some happy moments with the children from Bal mandir.
With the theme of Happy children, Happy time, We the GOAL team arranged an event at the Bal Mandir, shiphal. We the GOAL team had a day full of activities like stories from Mr. Binayak Pandey, dancing moments assisted by Ms. Amrita khanal, “Ma sano chada (when i was a kid)” sharing some childhood memories assisted by Mr. Bal chandra and origami class (how to make a paper butterfly) by Mr Barun Lama. We would like to thank Mr sonam lama our team member for his assistance throughout the program. We had such a great time with the children and would like to bring more of this kind of programs in near future.

Finally we would like to thank Shikhar news for their great support and for being the media partner. And also Bal mandir management for giving us the opportunity to spend some time with the children in their busy schedule and showing their presence during the program.

If you want to volunteer in this kind of programs/events please let us know (inbox us or mail us your CV at goal4change@gmail.com).

We also encourage educational institutions/ business houses/media houses to let us know if they would like to support in our upcoming programs and events. Our email address: goal4change@gmail.com) Please contact Mr. Bal Chandra Nepal.


“Coming together is beginning, Keeping together is progress.. Working together is success.. “

Guiding and entertaining freshmen as always from Kantipur International College in adjusting to new surroundings of their academic course with interesting Team building activities facilitated by the team members of GOAL (Generation of Active Leaders) facilitators program coordinator Mr. Bal Chandra, Miss Amrita Khanal, Miss Puja Pokharel, Mr. Binayak pandey, Mr. Sandeep Pokharel, Mr. Sonam lama, Mr. Raju Danai and Mr. Barun lama. We would like to give our gratitude to the college management for giving us the opportunity once again and also all the freshmen (260 students) for participating with enthusiasm and energy (BHM,BID,BHCM & BBA).

Contact us for any team building activities and orientation program for any colleges. info@goal4change.org, goal4change@gmail.com Chabahil, kathmandu www.goal4change.org

Do you have AIDS?

Yes, do u have AIDS? Weird question to ask each one of you. But yes, do u have AIDS, are you HIV Positive? Our society, country and the world have been open to different subjects matter like what’s your sexual orientation? Are u gay/ lesbian/transgender and yes we all have accepted these matters and living with each other in a society.

Now the matter still exists, (AIDS) why we have individuals still living with AIDS. The epidemic in Nepal is driven by injecting Drug users, migrants, sex workers and their clients, and Men who have sex with men. You might ask an educated person what’s AIDS or do u have AIDS, different people have different views and response in different ways. As we all know AIDS hasn’t been eradicated even after so much works has been done for it. Organizations like WHO, UNAIDS, UNICEF, etc. frequently helping to fight against AIDS. So lets why not be open about it.

Lets ask everyone this one question, cause if we feel awkward, then how would a AIDS patient feel? Data shows Nepal has still 39281(according to http://www.ncasc.gov.np ) number of HIV patients living among us and still unknown patients including all age groups. So lets be open and help eradicated this disease. Build an understanding with one who has HIV Positive and spread the knowledge, and hopefully lessen the number to 0.

So here is my question to you. Do you have AIDS or are you HIV positive?
Be safe, use protection and spread the word, not the HIV virus.
Lets talk about AIDS in our conversations with friends & family.

For more information:

Happy Bag project 2016

Happy Bag project 2016

‘Happy Bag Nepal’ is the most recent concept by GOAL (Generation of Active Leaders) team members. It is the concept of an environment friendly, non-plastic, durable, bio-degradable and economic bag. This concept was mainly designed with the view to increase social awareness regarding environmental issues, aid the government’s initiative to reduce the use of plastic bags, control pollution and initiate eco-friendly activities towards a cleaner city.

Uddeshya Shikshya

We all know how important education is. ‘Education is the light of life’, ‘education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’: these are some wise words we have been hearing since childhood. We sometimes don’t realize how lucky we were to have gone to school and actually heard those wonderful words from our teachers. What percent of the world have had this opportunity? According to UNESCO (September 7, 2001), 1 billion adults in the world are illiterate, and 98% of all world’s non-literates live in developing countries. We all know, Nepal is a developing country as well, and the data shows it well about where we lie. We might already know this information, but we might not realize and feel it every single day.

Earthquake Relief Project

After the earthquake, various areas in and around Kathmandu valley was severely affected. A lot of people were homeless and lack of basic needs. Various district like sindhupalchwok, gorkha, nuwakot, rasuwa had sever damage by the earthquake. Aids from different INGO’s and NGO’s were sent after the earthquake, various groups and clubs were also involve in this noble cause. We goal also made our mission to these areas and we had collected few tarpaulins and also gave our assistance to a truck full of tarpaulins to gorkha.READ MORE