Entrepreneurship among Rural youths

06 April, 2015 Nepal, All Causes, For Training
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Entrepreneurship is a developing concept through which individuals use their knowledge, skills and capacity to do something on

their own. It is one way in which one is able to establish an organization in a specific field to yield profit and work professionally. In rural settings, people have the resources which can give rise to unique and highly sustaining entrepreneurship ideas but the rural youths fail to realize that, and thus, feel helpless to either go abroad or get inside the valley for economic reasons. Thus, we felt the need to conduct highly informative, interactive and executable entrepreneurship training. There may have been numerous entrepreneurship trainings in the past, but they might not have always gone beyond the ‘training’ phase. Had those ideas been implemented, we would see much lesser problems concerning the same. What differentiates our program from those conducted before is that our program focuses more on actually implementing that knowledge through the people’s own ideas into workable outputs through local resources.

Objectives of the program:

  • To conduct a training on entrepreneurship through experts
  • To brainstorm ideas from the crowd about different entrepreneurship ideas
  • To facilitate in shaping their ideas and look for ways to carry out their ideas locally

Program in Detail:

The program will start with a short training session on entrepreneurship, techniques and ways. The training will be given by hiring expert resource persons along with short guest-lectures from successful entrepreneurs themselves. The training will not only focus on delivering knowledge but also implementing the same. From the very first day, facilitators of the training will ask the participants in small, workable groups to think about a viable, concrete entrepreneurship plan which they can execute by the end of the training. The training will be a highly interactive one, focusing on role play and interaction rather than just lecturing. From time to time, throughout each session of the training, the trainers will make sure that the knowledge delivered has been understood and also check how the knowledge thus delivered relates to their own entrepreneurship ideas, and also facilitates for changes where needed.


Program Outcome:

With your help, the program hopes to cover a large area of Nepal’s rural population. We are starting with the communities of Nuwakot (an area which has been hugely affected by the earthquake), and slowly moving to other districts where the need is most seriously felt. Since we will be establishing a solid follow-up system as well, the impacts of the training will be most visibly felt. Constant monitoring will always evaluate the effectiveness of the training, and our enthusiastic team members will be always willing to repair any loopholes felt throughout the monitoring session.

With your help, we could make rural entrepreneurship the next big solution for increasing number of migrant workers and unemployment in rural settings.


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