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06 April, 2015 Nepal, Nuwakot, Nepal, All Causes, For Education
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The project’s mission is to work for combating the impacts of the recent quake on the educational sector of Kumari VDC, Nuwakot.

Background of this idea

In the past few months after the earthquake, we have been concerned about how to best work for this loss on the educational sector. We conducted a small research, and it showed heavy damage on the schools of Kumari (eight teachers killed by the quake, almost all school buildings completely destroyed). While threatening daily livelihood severely, the quake also posed a serious risk to the education of children and their future. In poor condition even before the quake, the slow progressing education of Kumari VDC has now come to an inevitable halt. Even before the quake, it was going through problems like lack of proper English classes, a great number of students failing in the same subject, and lack of technology in education. Now, lack of adequate teachers and disturbed school system has heightened the severity of the problem. During this hour of adversity, urgent intermediate plan needs to be executed to prevent further loss. Visual, comprehensible English classes through television and computer science classes and regular, creative tests on the same guided by experts could be a good plan during this hour of adversity. We mainly focused on English because students of Kumari VDC are weak that subject and on Computer Science because in this age of technology, adequate aptitude in technology will benefit them in their future.

Purpose of the project

The purpose of this project is to

  1. Improve overall performance in English and Computer Science by introducing video-lesson packages
  2. Compensate lack of teachers caused by the earthquake through the use of technology


This project will directly impact students whose education has been affected by the earthquake (it will compensate the efforts of teachers they have lost in the quake), and make a difference in their lives for years to come. The involvement of informed, concerned trainers will influence existing practices, combat the recent loss and better equip them as future citizens.

The first steps

Our project is a yearlong plan. At first, we need to:

  1. Prepare video lesson packages (beginner and intermediate) for each class by collaborating with expert English and Computer Science teachers.
  2. Prepare attractive, easy to read and comprehensible hands out of the video lessons (to increase clarity)

Overall Program Plan

  1. Collaborate with school administration and authority figures to conduct visual classes
  2. Donate four computers per school for the conduction of visual classes and computer practicals (our project covers five schools)
  3. An hour-long visual English class will be conducted in each class (from grade 1 to grade 10) in every school day
  4. An hour-long visual Computer class will be conducted in each class four days a week and computer practical classes will be conducted two days in every week.
  5. Monthly tests will be administered every month, to test how much the students have learned through such classes
  6. Also, other creative activities like interaction, drama, poetry competition, story writing competitions etc will be conducted every month to test the students’ English language proficiency

Strengths of this Plan

  1. Classes can run smoothly even in the absence of subject teachers (visual lesson plan)
  2. Video lesson plans are much clearer and student- friendly than textbooks
  3. Feasible plan, with easy execution (can be conducted with ease through TV, computer, tablet)
  4. Can be a good guidance for teachers as well (about how visual learning is effective)
  5. Sustainable, effective and efficient plan

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