One Tree each for the deceased

06 April, 2015 Nepal, All Causes, For Environment
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The recent earthquake certainly brought devastating changes to our country. People lost their lives; families suffered heart wrenching

emotional losses along with physical losses. In some cases, the entire family lost their lives. Of course the physical damages were huge, and it was in fact the physical damages that caused loss of lives. But what was even more devastating than the physical damages was the emotional loss. Keeping this on mind and feeling it whole heartedly, GOAL came up with a plan that would address this issue while doing something for protecting the environment at the same time.


  • To pay tribute to those who lost their lives during the earthquake
  • To plant one tree each for each deceased person in the earthquake
  • To pray for the soul of deceased person because of the earthquake


The primary concept of this program is to pay tribute to the deceased by planting one tree each in the name of one deceased person each. The concept is to plant a living thing in the name of each person who lost their life. While on one hand, this would be the symbol for respect and tribute to the deceased, and on the other hand, this would do wonders for protecting the environment. As per the data, a total of around eight thousand people lost their life in the earthquake, so our plan is to plant the same number of trees. This is a huge plan, and will require the effort of a huge number of volunteers.

If you are interested to help for this cause, please do fund us, so that we could make this concept true.


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