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18 December, 2015 Nepal, Nuwakot, Nepal, All Causes, For Environment
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The project’s mission is to work for the people of Nuwakot who have been heavily affected by the earthquake.

  • Even before the earthquake, we had been concerned about alleviating the problems faced by these people, and the desire to work for their betterment has increased after the quake, since Nuwakot was a major target that got hard-hit by the earthquake with immense damage to lifestyle and constructions.There is a dearth of drinking and irrigating water in Nuwakot, and the people living there have hard time carrying water from groundwater source all the way down the village. Specially, after the loss that these people faced during the recent quake, all the amount of labour, time and energy they put in carrying groundwater down the village has become an additional burden for these villagers. It takes a lot of time: even several hours for villagers who live much downwards to carry water from the water source.Our concept is to supply the groundwater from the source down the houses using a water portal system. The idea is to place a ground water reserve right near the source (as shown in the figure), in which ground water would thus get collected. The collected water would then be transported to another distribution tank which would be constructed up higher and also would be much larger than the reserve/collection tank, using a motor. The water transported to the distribution tank would then be taken down the village through gravity flow system through pipes, and thus to every house. The water from the distribution tank doesn’t require any external force to get carried downstream, since from there, gravity would do the rest. The figure above shows a tentative location of groundwater source, reserve/collection tank, distribution tank and also the direction of water flow.Another concept to be executed within the same village is to get the villagers involved in lemon and Choerospondias axillaris (lapsi) farming. These fruits have high potential for maximum income generation if proper market and farming land is available.Purpose of the projectThe purpose of this project is to
    • Construct groundwater reserve, distribution tank and water portal system
    • Minimize the time and effort currently required for carrying groundwater down the village
    • Use the groundwater thus made available for drinking, sanitation and irrigation
    • Train villagers about lemon and lapsi farming using modern technology, to increase surplus.


    This project will directly impact people affected by the earthquake, their families and make a difference in their lives for years to come. After completion of the project, the people will no longer have to spend long hours to carry the water down the village. The villagers will have supply of water straight from the source, which they could use for drinking, irrigation and sanitation. Lifestyle would definitely improve. Also, the villagers will be made well aware that they should use the water thus made available wisely, and in this type of collection and portal system, the villagers will have lesser and lesser problems related with water, an improved lifestyle and healthier living conditions.

    The first steps

    At first, we will need to

    1. Talk to locals and authority figures in the village, discuss further about the problem (a prior discussion about the problem has already been done)
    2. Hire construction crew, and also talk to the villagers if they can themselves involve in the construction process (so that they will feel a sense of belonging and responsibility towards it, and also, construction budget can be saved to some extent, which can then be used in some other aspect of the village)
    3. Construct and locate groundwater collection/reserve tank, fit a motor, place distribution tank and construct water portal system with the help of construction crew and villagers.
    4. Distribute water filters in each house (to make the groundwater fit for drinking), and make the villagers aware about the importance of clean drinking water)
    5. Make the villagers aware about why it is so important to use the water wisely, and for multiple purposes like irrigation and sanitation along with drinking.
    6. Get regular feedback and follow-up from the villagers to check how effective our plan and construction has become, and fix if there are any loopholes.
    7. Train and educate villagers about the importance of lemon and lapsi farming, and in order to give them a good example of how generating these fruits can be done in an even better way using modern technology, take some land in lease and demonstrate them the technique and benefits of such farming.
    8. About repair and maintenance: A meter will be fitted in every house, and the villagers will be asked to deposit a certain amount of money (which will be taken care of by a village women’s club). The amount of money thus deposited will be used in further repair and maintenance of the water portal system.
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