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Dolakha Relief

Shelter building in Dolakha
The recent destructive earthquake killed thousands of people, destroyed thousands 

of houses made millions of people homeless. The primary concerns for that particular time were to manage the rubbles as a result of destruction, make arrangements for temporary shelter and provide other basic necessities like food and water.

Main Objectives

  • To construct temporary shelters for people who lost their homes
  • To settle and manage rubble and essential buried materials
  • To distribute shelter constructing materials to people who are in desperate need.
  • To donate food and cooking materials
  • To dig out essential buried materials as much as possible
  • To distribute medicines, ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution)
  • To conduct cleanliness and sanitation campaign

Road ways were damaged due to the frequent earthquake in the area. Making the relief help to be more challenging, but still we pushed inside the remote area of Rasuwa district with our supplies.

The main villages covered by Dolakha in this campaign were:

  1. Bhedpu
  2. Babare
  3. Charikot

After completion of this campaign,

  • Temporary shelters were constructed and shelter building materials were distributed to 150 people
  • 150 families got food, water and cooking materials
  • Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) and other very essential medicines were distributed
  • Massive cleanliness campaign and awareness to people living in tents resulted in a cleaner and more sanitary living practice in tents

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