Our kind Donors

Here are some the Honorable individuals and groups of people who has helped us in our projects.
Due to their generous funds, we were able to accomplish our works in various parts of Nepal.

  1. Ms. Binita Manandhar (Australia) project Dholakha help.
  2. Mr. (USA) Project School Nuwakot.
  3. Ms. (Australia) Project School Nuwakot.
  4. Ms. Helda (Austria) Project Happy Bag
  5. Shikhar News (Nepal) One day program at Bal mandir

We would like to express our gratitude to our noble donors who give their willingness to help the people of the country Nepal. Our works were accomplished only with the support of our donors and made it this far. We would like to reach more parts of our country and help the children , youths and adults in different sectors.

If you think you would like to help in our projects. Then please let us know where and what help you could offer.
Mail us : goal4change@gmail.com, info@goal4change.org

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